How long will my divorce take?

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The timeframe for a divorce is difficult to calculate because it depends on your situation, as well as factors beyond your control. For instance, your spouse may not want the divorce and it is unknown what he or she is willing to agree upon during the process. The degree to which you and your spouse agree on issues and the cooperation between the two of you will dictate how long the process will be. 

If you and your spouse agree on each issue, the process can usually be completed in a few weeks. This is often referred to as “uncontested divorce.”

In contested circumstances, a divorce may take a year or more because the parties must reach an agreement on custody, property division, or other matters specific to your situation, or allow their case to be tried by the Court.  

How much will my divorce or legal separation cost?

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Family Advocates Law Firm prides itself in the quality of work and reasonableness of its attorneys’ fees and costs for clients. While it is impossible to know for certain what a contested matter will cost, we work diligently to communicate upcoming costs to our clients throughout the process. In an effort to ensure we stay within a budget, we provide personal attention and consistent contact with our clients to ensure the client is aware of the time required for his or her matter.  

Our mission is not to operate a “high volume” practice, but to properly attend to and communicate with the client to achieve the goals set by you and your attorney. As a result, as the client, you will play a key role in the cost and billable time spent on your case. Please refer to our mission statement to learn more about the distinguished service we offer our clients.

What are Temporary Restraining Orders and Injunctions?

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A Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) is an order from the Court to protect parties, their assets, or children. The order is typically entered to enjoin one party or the other from taking certain actions, such as removing the children from school, or dissipating a marital asset. The party seeking a TRO has the burden of showing that substantial and irreparable harm will result if the order is not entered. However, the relief can be granted quickly because the waiting period for appearing before a Judge is shortened once the request is filed.  

Will I have to pay all my attorneys’ fees for my legal matter?

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Under Missouri law, each party is typically responsible for his or her own attorneys’ fees. Where there are special circumstances, the Court has the discretion to order one party to pay the other’s attorneys’ fees. For example, if there is a great disparity in income and your spouse was the party earning the majority of the income, the Court may order your spouse to pay all or some of your attorneys’ fees. In addition, the Court may order a party to pay attorneys’ fees if there has been misconduct or dissipation of assets by one party.

Family Advocates Law Firm works hard to maintain reasonable attorneys’ fees while providing the highest quality of representation.  

Each family law matter is unique, so please speak to your attorney for additional information.

How will the Court determine if I have to pay maintenance or if I will receive maintenance?

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Spousal support or maintenance is awarded to a spouse to assist them in getting back on their feet after a divorce. The award is different for each case and will depend on the length of the marriage, the standard of living each spouse was accustomed to during the marriage, the financial resources of the parties, and the earning capacity of each spouse. While each spouse has an obligation under Missouri law to become self-supporting, the Court will review the facts unique to your case to determine if some form of spousal support is necessary.

What do I do if I believe my spouse is hiding money, income, or assets?

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This is not uncommon in family law matters, especially during litigation. If you have this belief, there are ways to determine if your spouse has concealed assets and we have the ability to help. We will work with employers, businesses, banks, and experts, where necessary, to uncover any hidden assets. At times, we will work with other professionals, such a forensic accountant, to trace and locate concealed money or income. While there is a cost-benefit analysis to ensure these actions are necessary, you and your Family Advocates Law Firm attorney will take all steps necessary to protect your interests.