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Finding Common Sense Solutions Through Mediation

Family Advocates Law Firm believes that there are several avenues to take to reach a resolution of your family law matter. The best result for a dispute often comes through the simplicity of communication and negotiation. Our attorneys pride themselves on their ability to find common sense solutions to legal issues through mediation.  

The Missouri Supreme Court describes mediation as “a process in which a neutral third party facilitates communications between the parties to promote settlement.” (Rule 17.01.) In accordance with the Family Advocates Law Firm mission, the mediator will focus on the desired end result of the parties, and craft a step-by-step approach to solve the legal dispute. Throughout the process, the parties can achieve complete settlement of all legal issues in a safe and protected environment.

Mediation is about compromise without the mud-slinging that may take place in a courtroom. Typically, both parties walk away from mediation with a solution to their conflict and skillful techniques to handle future disputes.


Cases Resolved by Mediation

*Statistics based on the findings of the Department of Justice

Benefits to Mediation


Avoids the costs and financial struggles of litigation.


Helps keep the focus on an amicable resolution and overall well-being of the family.


Resolves differences in a private, confidential and informal setting.


Uses creative techniques to structure your future.


Gives the parties more control over the process without the involvement of a judge.

We understand the importance of negotiating an amicable resolution in an expeditious and cost-effective manner. Give us a call today to discuss the mediation process in more detail.

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The mediators at Family Advocates Law Firm can assist with your dispute at any stage of your litigation proceeding, even if a case has not yet been filed. The risks and options of your case will be weighed during mediation, and at any time, the participants may consult with other professionals or their attorneys to discuss their options. If a resolution is reached, the discussions and agreements remain confidential, offering the participants additional peace of mind when they leave.