What documents will my attorney ask me to gather during the separation or divorce process?

Your lawyer will likely ask you to obtain a copy of the following documents:

  • All real property deeds;
  • Mortgage information;
  • Savings, checking, stock certificates, bonds, and brokerage statements;
  • Current payroll statement for you and your spouse;
  • Prior three (3) years of tax returns;
  • Insurance policies, pension, and retirement plan statements;
  • Vehicle registrations;
  • Net worth estimates or valuations;
  • Debts and liabilities statements;
  • Any written agreements with your spouse; and
  • Estimated value of household goods.

The majority of the documents set forth above will be required to file for legal separation or dissolution in Missouri. You and your attorney will work together to determine if additional documents are needed as you navigate through the process.

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