What do I do if I or my children are being abused?

Abuse can take many forms, and if you believe you being abused, there is help. In any emergency situation, call the police. The police will help you and your children get to a safe place.

In addition, you can go to the courthouse and request an Order of Protection from the Court to protect you going forward. A full Order of Protection prohibits the person who it is issued against from further acts, attempts or threats of abuse, stalking, or sexual assault. Your request may also seek relief such as spousal support, child custody, and child support. The full Order of Protection may be issued for a specific time frame, which is at least 180 days.

Your request for an Order of Protection will be presented to the Judge immediately after filing. If you are found to be in imminent danger, the Judge will issue an ex parte (immediate) Order of Protection. The ex parte Order of Protection will be effective until a hearing is held on your petition for a full Order of Protection.

If you believe your child is in danger, you may also request a Child Order of Protection on their behalf. Under the Missouri Child Protection Orders Act, a person may seek an Order of Protection on behalf of a child (person under 17 years of age unless otherwise emancipated) who has been the victim of child abuse, sexual assault, or stalking. The petitioner must be a parent, guardian, guardian ad litem, or a court appointed special advocate or juvenile officer.

Family Advocates Law Firm will help you address the abuse you are suffering immediately. We work closely with counselors and state agencies to assist you in working through the emotional struggles and fear that may be present in your situation. Please do not wait to reach out.

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